"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all of your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength."

Mark 12:30

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Bucks County


Consignor Information

Consignor Registration

 Registration for our events will continue until all spots are full!

Bensalem Event

Returning Consignors

June 10, 2017 @ 7am

New Consignors

June 11, 2017 @ 7am

Bensalem Consignor page

How To Register

  •  Click the Bensalem Consignor page.  These links are also found under the Consignor Menu by clicking on Bensalem Links or Philadelphia Links.
  •  Click the Link for New Consignor Registration and follow the prompts.  This process takes you to PayPal to pay a $12 non-refundable fee.      
  • Once you are all registered you are ready to begin with scheduling your drop off appointment
  •  You can then enter you inventory/print tags/prepare items.
  • Interested in registering through the Guardian Angel Tagging Service please scroll down for further instructions before you register.

How Much do L'il Angel's Consignors Receive?

L'il Angel's consignors automatically receive 65% back from their sold items.  Consignors that join our AMAZING volunteer team for one 4 hour shift will earn an additiona 5% (70%).  If you add a second shift that is one of our Sunday shifts you will earn 75% back on your sold items (second shift must be a Sunday shift to qualify)!!!  All volunteers will be entered for the chance to win many different giveaways and even a chance to win 90% of thier sold items!  Some shifts do earn extra incentives.

New This Season

Consignors may now shop the 50% off presale on Saturday 2-4pm with our Volunteers.  Only items marked to be Reduced will be reduced!

Breast pumps will no longer be accpeted at any of our events.

L'il Angel's Consignment Events complies with the PA Bedding & Upholstery Law & Regulations (Act #249), "any item containing one or more layers of fabric/upholstery (including but not limited to cushions/filling/bedding) that a child may play, sit, or lay down on must be sterilized & disinfected under the requirementsof this chapter (Sec. 47.23)."  Please click the link below for a full list of items that will be sterilized (by an authorized representative of L'il Angels) by spraying methods in accordance to the rules & regulations of the Dept. of Labor & Industry.  Once sprayed, a sterilization tag will be affixed to each item.

Please click  here for a full list of items that will be sterilized.


Reminders and Limits

L'il Angel's is very selective of the items we accept.  Rest assured knowing our reputation is recognized to have excellent quality items (like new or very gently worn/used) at amazing prices, we ask that you look at the items as though you were considering buying them yourself. 

  • Clothes should be freshly laundered, pressed and neatly hung.  All other items should be wiped clean and in good working order.
  • DVD's/CD's/Video Games should be original copies purchased from a store not burned or bootleg copies.  If an item is found to have been copied we will pull the item from the sales floor and the consignor will be charged $10.  IT IS ILLEGAL TO SELL FAKE COPIES!
  • Please adhere to the following limits.
    • As a registered consignor you will be required to sell a minimum of 10 items or 2 large items 
    • 100 hangers total of which sizes NB-18 months are limited to 40 pieces & maternity clothing is limited to 15 pieces (Outfits are considered one hanger item).  All other items such as toys, books, large equiptment etc. does not have a limit at this time.
  • Click here for important information about Consignor Inventory maintenance!


Picking Up Your Items

As a consignor with L'il Angel's Consignment you have the option of donating your unsold items to charity or picking your items up at the close of the event you are participating in.  Pick up is on the final day of the event from 4pm-5pm.