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Bucks County


Tagging & Pricing

Tagging/Pricing Your Merchandice

Bensalem Event Links

Item Entry/Tag Printing Link (Bensalem Event

* For important tag printing tips click here!

All items (for Bensalem Sale) MUST be entered into the system by 11:59 PM on Tuesday, August 22, 201. You will be unable to make any changes to your inventory after the deadline.

How to Attach Tags (Hanging Items/Clothing):

All clothing must be on hangers with the hanger facing to the left as illustrated (like a question mark).

 Please adhere to the maximum hanger limit (100 hangers total of which sizes NB-18 months limited to 40 pieces & maternity clothing limited to 15 pieces; inquire for more info).

Safety pin the tag to the top right hand corner of the garment when looking at the front.
NO straight pins or little gold pins. Do NOT attach tags to hangers. (see diagram below)

 Zip/cable ties may also be used and are best fastened to clothing by looping through top button hole or tag (make sure the tag hangs outside of clothing). Do NOT attach tags to hangers.

Place the pin or zip/cable tie at the very top of the tag. This will enable us to simply cut the tag at check-out rather than remove the pin.

DO NOT use box tape on books or directly over decals on toys.

Children’s sizing codes are: 0-3m, 3m, 6m, 9m, 12m, 18m, 24m, 2T, 3T, 4T,5, 6, 6x through 16 junior.   

 S, M, L, XL are only acceptable for MATERNITY clothing.

Two piece outfits sell best so match up single items if possible. Use only one hanger for two piece outfits. Hang the shirt first, then pin the pants, skirt or shorts to the back of the shirt at the shoulder seams with two safety pins. Do not pin second pieces inside of the shirt or jacket, they cannot be seen easily.


****To reduce check in time, have your items sorted by size and gender (rubber band or twist tie sizes together). 

How to Attach Tags (Non-Hanging Items): 



Onesies (one piece outfit that snaps at the crotch) - must be in a clear ziplock bag with tag placed inside of the bag (sell better if grouped by size). *Not to be mistaken for a romper (one piece combination of shorts and a shirt which also snaps at the crotch) which MUST be hung.

Toys - toys should include all parts. Any tiny, loose pieces can be packaged in a ziplock bag. Attach the bag to the main item with packing tape. Do not bring items with missing parts. If a toy requires batteries to operate, they must be included for acceptance.

Books and Videos - please do NOT use packing tape on books and videos, since it usually tears the covers. Make sure that videos work, and secure tag with two pieces of masking tape or put in ziplock bags. If packaging multiples together, write all the titles on the tag.

Shoes - Shoes will now be limited to 10 pair per consignor (this includes slippers and boots), must be in ziplock bags (boots do not have to be in a ziplock bag) to prevent lost tags and lost shoes.  In addtion, shoes will be inspected during drop off.

Loose Articles - bibs, bows, smaller toys, etc... must be in a clear ziplock bag with tag placed inside of the bag. 

  • Information on the tag (top left to bottom right): consignor #, sale name, size, category, description, donate indicator, item id, discount indicator (REDUCE), price, barcode
  • BLACK DOT means donate. "REDUCE" means 1/2 off on discount day 

 Pricing your items

Pricing your items can be a daunting task for some...especially if you have never consigned before!  Price items ONLY in $1.00 increments starting at $1.00. Be priced to sell!!!  As a general rule you will want to price items at about 1/4 to 1/3 of their retail price. With name brand or boutique brand items sold at the higher end. Even the newest items should not be priced at more that 1/2 the original retail price. The one exception to this rule would be indoor/outdoor toys (kitchens, playhouses, etc...). These types of toys are in higher demand thus you can expect between 1/3 to 1/2 of the original retail price.  After determining a price, ask yourself, "Would I pay $__ for this?

Check out this handy Pricing Guide provided by Consignment Mommies

For more specific brand pricing visit our friends at Consignment Mommies for a Clothing Brand Reference Guide!!